Call to treat rugby like a full-time job


SO much has been said about rugby league in Papua New Guinea as it is our favourite sports.
This year Papua New Guinea achieved a great milestone in rugby league by being minor-premiers and winner of the Intrust Queensland Cup.
Rugby league, like any other career, is a skill that one possesses and which motivates one to move forward to be the best.
Most players started playing rugby league in primary schools all the way up to tertiary institutions.
When they have such passion, Government, through the PNG Sports Foundation, needs to create greater welfare for the players and secure their future in rugby rugby.
Some left university or college in their first or second year for the love of rugby league.
My concern is for concerned authorities to treat our rugby league players as NRL players.
Treat rugby like any other fulltime job so that it can look after our players.
Upcoming players will know that the future in rugby league is 100 per cent guaranteed.
I wish all the best to team Kumuls in the upcoming World Cup.

Joel Wapele Randa
Southern Highlands

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