Call to try bottom-up concept


PAPUA New Guinea can copy the bottom-up approach taken by the South Korean government to empower rural people to improve their lives, an official says.
PNG Saemaul Undong director Uno Konisimo said saemaul undong meant new village movement in Korean.
It was the approach taken by the South Korean government in the 1970s to reduce poverty and empower rural development.
The benefits are:

  • Eradication of poverty through a reform of mindset and effective policy provision;
  • Modernisation of rural communities with comprehensive development strategies;
  • Nationwide development movement; and,
  • Concurrent development of agriculture and industrial sectors.

He said last week during the first PNG-Korea dialogue forum the two countries had similar communal villages.
He said in South Korea today, there was a reduction of absolute poverty, an increase in rural household income, rural income has surpassed urban income, income sources have diversified (non-farming income) and an improvement in the environment and basic infrastructure.
The SMU started in Eastern Highlands in 2012 with a K200,000 financial support from the provincial government.
It was introduced in 10 villages in the province.
He said some of the advantages of the bottom-up approach is that it offers low risk and less exposure, it can be delivered quickly and enables a focused approach in delivering services.
This concept is flexible and team driven.

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