Call to try new strategy


COCOA Board PNG chief executive officer Boto Gaupu has called for a breakout from repetitive, unproductive cycles in the cocoa industry to a strategic entrepreneurial approach.
He said this would help the industry to achieve the Government’s target of 310,000 tonnes of cocoa production by 2030, and profit as an incentive for farmers, producers and exporters.
Gaupu issued the challenge on Monday during a week-long workshop in Kokopo, East New Britain.
The workshop aimed at unpacking the Cocoa Board’s 10-year Cocoa Industry Strategic Plan for implementation.
The strategic plan was launched in April in Lae.
Quoting Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, Gaupu said that we have to stop doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result each time.
“The industry has been in a bad shape; it has been devastated by cocoa pod borer (CPB), lack of funding and lack of extension services.”
Gaupu said the industry needed a team work approach from all stakeholders.
“We are running various projects unlike before. Cocoa Board now has offices in Kimbe, Popondetta, Aitape and Lae. In less than three years we have planted well over half a million cocoa trees.”

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