Campaign aims to help young people embrace culture


IT is important for young people to embrace their cultures, director of Rait FM radio station, Braden Chin says.
“In this day and age of social media, more young Papua New Guineans are growing up being exposed to so much Western influences,” he said during the launch of PNG Proud movement yesterday.
The PNG Proud movement is designed by the 99.5 Right FM station.
It was designed with the aim to inspire the next PNG generation to be proud of their country and culture.
Chin said young people must be encouraged to embrace their culture.
He said it was also to remind the young generations of where they were from.
Chin said just as the country’s independence anniversary was approaching, they were confident the campaign would make people, especially youth, feel proud of their national day.
“We also want to inspire our younger generations to be future leaders as the country’s future will all depend on them,” he said.
“The movement will also highlight and pay tribute to several companies that have a long history of contributing to the development of PNG and are also PNG Proud companies.”
The PNG Proud movement will also have T-shirts on sale at CHM retail stores, other selected outlets and at the Jackson airport.
Chin said a portion of what they made from T-shirt sales would go to the National Youth Development Authority to fund their fight against drug and alcohol abuse amongst youth.
Non-Sate Partnering Youth coordinator Lawrence Tau said this would assist them to address youth issues in more comprehensive ways.

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