Can you go to jail for this? Yes, you can


PEOPLE can be fined or jailed for disrupting mining operations, according to the Mineral Resources Authority.
Managing director Philip Samar was referring to the damage caused by landowners and the disruption to mining at the K92 mine in Eastern Highlands recently.
“There is only one Mining Act (1992) that companies operate in,” Samar said.
“When the government issues licenses under the Act, it’s a legal document that provides these companies the right to operate. That’s very important to note. I want to assure the industry that we will do whatever it takes to ensure that they operate as legal entities with the legal right to operate. There is a provision (in the Act) that states that nobody has the right to shut mines.
“Only the director of the Mining Act (can).
“The penalties are fine or imprisonment of four years.
“Unfortunately, mining companies are faced with situations that they need the law to intervene. In instances like this, it is a law and order issue.”
Meanwhile, Samar said after two companies had left, K92 Mining Ltd spent US$40 million (K125 million) to restart the K92 mine two years ago.  Revenue from sales was US$3 million (K9.38 million)).
The company employs about 500 people – 300 local landowners, 170 nationals and 30 expatriates.

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