Cancer project gets K20,000 funding


CATHOLIC Archbishop of Mt Hagen Douglas Young donated K20,000 to the Walk the Talk Against Cancer fundraising team.
Project manager Barbara Toiya told The National that the project received positive feedback and support from schools, communities, churches and MPs.
Toiya said the team, made up of women volunteers, aimed to raise K10 million or more to set up cancer units at Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Hospital in Chimbu and Goroka Provincial Hospital in Eastern Highlands.
“The project now has the backing of the Governor of Chimbu Noah Kool and Tobias Kulang, Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture. Both MPs will walk with the team from Nov 13 to 18, from Asaro to Gembogl via the Kuralba Pass and down to Kundiawa,” she said.
Toiya said there would be a drive against cancer led by the two MPs on Nov 19.
“On Oct 7, we will have the stakeholder consultative workshop where community leaders, church leaders, doctors and hospital managers and the secretaries of the Catholic Health Services and provincial administration teams of Eastern Highland and Chimbu will meet.”
“Map out what specific facilities and staff training the hospitals require to guide the fundraising and expenditure of the money as per the decisions that will be collectively reached at this workshop,” Toiya said.
She said Papua New Guinea had the highest rate for increase in cervical, breast and oral cancers in the world.
“The only Cobalt machine in Angau Hospital for radiotherapy was purchased in the early 1970s and it’s out-dated.”
Toiya said 41 years on, they were determined to do something constructive to ease the pain.

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