Candidates, backers urged to mind road rules, noise


POLICE have warned candidates and their supporters to follow traffic rules and keep the noise down as they gear up for the one-week nomination period followed by eight weeks of campaigning.
Northern assistant police commissioner Peter Guinness said overloading of vehicles and noise pollution should be avoided, especially in Morobe, Madang and Eastern Highlands.
Guinness said candidates and their supporters must respect the laws.
“Loud noise and singing in the streets should be reduced,” he said.
“In the nights when people are asleep, we do not expect candidates and their supporters to go around making a lot of loud noises like in the past.
“They can be charged under the Summary Offences Act for noise pollution.
“Vehicle convoys following candidates around for nomination and campaigning must not be overloaded with people.
“If a driver is found overloading people, he will be arrested and charged.
“This applies to Lae, Madang and Goroka which are under my command.”
Guinness said the general election came once every five years so people must not get carried away.
He said the Limited Preferential Voting system allowed for sharing of votes so there was no need for candidates and their supporters to fight each other.

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