Candidates’ listing done: EC


THE final candidates’ listing and posters have been done and cannot be changed, Electoral Commission spokesman Alphonse Muapi says.
He said the listing and posters were printed and sent out.
At least two candidates, one in Chimbu and one on Bouganville, died after the listing and posters were sent out.
“Any deaths that occur after the papers have been printed still means the papers cannot be changed,” Muapi said.
“The presiding officer will have to inform voters at the polling place that this particular candidate has passed on. Otherwise, if the box of the deceased candidate is marked, it will be invalid.
“Any death of a candidate, during now and polling, is unfortunate but we cannot change the papers.
“This is where candidates’ posters are very important as the presiding officer can circle the picture of a deceased candidate and advise voters not to vote him or her.”
Six candidates, including an MP, have died during the campaign period, which ends on June 23.
Muapi said this was a large number compared with the 2012 election when only one candidate died during the campaign period.

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