Candidates urged to vacate LLG office


Members of local level governments in the country who contested the 2017 general election should not hold office after they failed, according to Minister for Inter-Government Relations   Kevin Isifu.
He said this on Friday after concerns the department received from a number of provinces that LLG presidents, mayors and ward members were still holding office after they lost in the election.
Isifu said deputy LLG presidents should automatically head the office until the election of presidents.
He said most of these officials should have resigned to contest the general election as per a circular from former Inter-Government Relations Minister Sir Leo Dion dated March 28.
“The circular stated clearly that in the event that a leader is unsuccessful in the national election, he cannot revert to his former elected post/position, as he would have automatically lost that seat upon resignation,” Isifu said.
“All the LLG members who have made their personal decision to contest for the national elections are no longer part of the LLG system and should not come back and cause unnecessary inconvenience.”

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