Candidates warned of intimidation


LAE Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jnr has warned candidates and their supporters not to intimidate each other during the election period.
“Police will not tolerate any threat or intimidation from candidates or their supporters,” he said.
“I appeal for understanding and maturity among candidates and their supporters.”
He said police in the city would be out in full force during nominations so candidates should advise their supporters to behave.
“The conduct of each candidate in the eyes of the public would determine who they really are,” he said.
“Everyone would be observing so candidates must be aware of this.”
Wagambie said consumption of alcohol during election by supporters would create problems therefore candidates must be wary of that.
“Police strategies are in place to provide security to ensure there is a free and fair election,” he said.
“Supporters must be controlled as police will be enforcing law and order.”
Police will be assisted by soldiers and prison wardens during the election.
“Traffic rules and regulations must be complied with by candidates and their supporters,” he said.
“Vehicle convoys in the city must be done in an orderly manner to avoid disrupting traffic flow.”
Wagambie told The National that Lae had many ethnic groups and everyone must abide by the rules.

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