Capital rugby union to stage 7s challenge this weekend


THE Capital Rugby Union will be staging the CRU 7s challenge this weekend 11 at the Taurama Barracks oval.
After negotiations with the hierarchy of Taurama Barracks, the city’s rugby competition is set come alive as teams take to the field to contest for the 7s title.
Round robin matches will be played tomorrow, concluding with the finals on Sunday.
Men’s and women’s teams from premier division clubs will be competing.
They will be placed in three pools, with matches starting at 9am tomorrow.
CRU competition director Paul Joseph said that there would be no team sheets used during this weekend’s games.
“However, the World Rugby rules and regulations on 7s will be maintained in that teams are to have only 12 players at any one match with five substitutions; unlimited substitutions will not be allowed,” Joseph said.
“It is important that teams follow the schedule so we can finish on time.”
CRU will be holding a series of 7s tournaments to keep its players match-ready for upcoming events such as the PNGRFU SP Export Lager 7s and PNGRFU NPC 7s. Dates and venues for these events are to be confirmed.
Men’s: Pool A : A1 University, A2 Wanderers, A3 Spartans, A4 Southern Chiefs; Pool B: B1 Defence, B2 Brothers, B3Crusaders, B4 Vikings; Pool C: C1 Harlequins, C2 Nova, C3 Valley Hunters, C4 Juggernauts; Women’s: Pool A: A1 Spartans, A2 Nova, A3 Southern Chiefs; Pool B: B1 Harlequins, B2 Wanderers, B3 Juggernauts; Pool C: C1 Defence C2 Sisters, C3 University

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