Capital volleyball semifinals on this weekend at aquatic centre


AFTER winning three of the four titles at last week’s national championships, the NCD Volleyball Association will start its semifinals on Saturday at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre.
Scorpions will be up against Jamas in the men’s premier division qualifying fixture, with the winner to face minor premiers Vanama, in the major semifinal next week while the losers play the winner of the Telikom-Valima playoff. Scorpions have the setter/hitter combination of Alpha Pala and Simon Toa, who is also an effective middle blocker.
Onne Koi Jr, Gia Relema, Heni John and veteran Ula Gima are expected to contribute towards the end result.
Jamas have the individual powerplay at the net in Ogi Olesi, Poka Ai and Andrew Sinari.
The team that commits fewer mistakes will survive and advance to the minor semifinals next week.
Telikom and Vailima will clash in the men’s premier division sudden death match.
Telikom have a solid team combination and are agile all over the court, but Vailima, using three different setters in Graham Numa Jr, Peter Jack and Gima, should put Telikom’s reactions in mayhem.
Aggressive attack and good defence will determine the outcome of this match.
In the men’s A grade qualifier, U-mi Yet will play Jamas, while Telikom will try all the tricks in the book to survive Vanama’s artillery in the elimination match.
In the women’s premier qualifier, Ela Motors will play Scorpions.
In-form hitter/passer Emily Bae will carry the motor dealers hopes and will be supported by Hitolo Raka and Veuga Omoa. Michelle Walo, Isa Hicks and Alu Aunama are expected to deliver for Scorpions. Meanwhile, Vailima will face Jamas in the do-or-die women’s premier match.
In the women’s A grade, Jamas will be up against Telikom in the qualifier, with the winner to play U-MI Yet next week, while Scorpions face Vailima in the do-or-die match.

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