Careless driving a concern: Tovere


CARELESS driving only results in road accidents, says acting Central police commander Andrew Tovere.
He raised the concern following a road accident along the Napanapa road at the LNG site last weekend where a Toyota utility collided with a PMV truck.
According to police, the ute was travelling at a high speed and took the wrong lane and ran into a PMV full of passengers.
“The impact of the accident resulted in a few casualties with one female passenger on the PMV receiving broken bones,” Tovere said.
He said the driver of the smaller vechicle was critically injured.
“All the victims were brought to the LNG hospital before they were taken to Port Moresby General Hospital’s accident and emergency section for further medical assistance.”
The incident happened on Saturday at around 3.30pm. Meanwhile, Tovere said Central police impounded a taxi cab last Thursday because details of its registration and safety sticker did not match.
He said the cab driver from Southern Highlands was drunk and nearly ran into a police vehicle at Gerehu Stage 3. Tovere said the driver was arrested, charged and detained at Gerehu police station and his vehicle was now impounded.
He said apart from all the reported incidents, the independence period was peaceful and without any major incidents.

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