Carry out awareness on forest preservation


THE forests sprawling towards the country’s second highest mountain, Mt Giluwe, are losing their natural landscape due to people’s careless attitude in using forest resources.
The introduction of portable sand-saws or walkabout sawmills have been the major cause of this destruction.
Some people living along the Highlands Highway between Kumbame to Kirene who have access to these machines are tearing away the forest without considering the consequences.
Once the highway used to be walled by forests on either side have now gone, giving room for gardening, housing and building storage area for stacking sawn timbers.
As demand for these timbers are high people with the machines are pushed towards the base of Mt. Giluwe to cut trees for timber. These locals are only after money.
Mt Giluwe is a national treasure and should be well preserved.
Some measures should be taken to preserve, protect and respect such a natural wonder.
What would it be like after ten to twenty years’ time?
Definitely, the charming landscape will change creating an eyesore for both the local and foreign travellers travelling along the highway.
Some actions must be taken to control the use of the forest by the local people.
These should include drawing a new perimeter around forests where the mountain sits and allowing locals to use the forests for hunting and others but not for logging timbers.
Prior to that, active community awareness should be carried out in all surrounding villages.
With prolonged negligence to address this issue we would lose the beauty of the forest and the mountain at present without keeping something for our children to use, see and marvel on.

Rodney Nembo
Mendi, SHP

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