Catholic archbishop ordains two new deacons


TWO men from the Catholic Archdiocese of Mt Hagen were confirmed as deacons by Archbishop Douglas Young last Saturday at Rebiamul.
Young blessed Peter Kopil and Paul Misik in a mass witnessed by parishioners, friends and families.
The two had been doing pastoral work and studies in the seminary for almost 20 years and are closer to realising their dreams of becoming Catholic priests.
Young commended the two for sacrificing their lives and giving up earthly pleasures to become God’s servants.
He said the church needed more young men to answer God’s call to become His servant.
Young thanked the parents of the two men for respecting their wishes to become priests and for supporting them along their journey.
He said becoming a priest was a lifetime commitment.
“This ministry teaches people to leave their passion for earthly pleasures and live a life of service to others with good passion and strengthen the faith of others to follow Jesus Christ,” Young said.
He said Jesus came to serve, not to be served, which is what priests and sisters lived for.

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