Catholic faithfuls prepare to receive Maria statue


THE people of Hagogohe constituency in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville are preparing to receive the statue of the Lady of Fatima (Mama Maria) during her pilgrim trip in Bougainville this month.
Local MP Robert Sawa said almost 10,000 people were expected to attend and participate during the festive period in his constituency.
“Our Lady of Fatima is touring whole of the ABG during her pilgrim trip this month and now she is in North Bougainville,” Sawa said.
“My constituency is receiving Mama Maria on Oct 24, and we are expecting more than 10,000 people to attend.
“We are the second last parish and we are preparing for her visit well ahead.”
Sawa said the Catholic Church and other churches have been partnering with the Government and working alongside in many aspects of development and this partnership must continue into the future.
“I am appealing to all other denominations to come and fellowship together during this festive period as we are one in Christ,” he said.
“Despite the differences in denominations, we all worship the same God and that’s very important. We also extend this appeal to public servants and government officials in Bougainville to work together with the church and strengthen the partnership we have for many years.”
Sawa said Mama Maria arrived in Bougainville on Oct 1 and will tour the whole region and return to Port Moresby on Oct 28.

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