Catholics in Wurup receive Mary’s statue from Sydney


PARISHIONERS and church leaders of Wurup Catholic Parish in Jiwaka have thanked the parishioners of St Thomas Aquinas Parish of Sydney Archdiocese in Australia for a gift of Our Lady of Fatima.
The statue of Mother Mary was given as a symbol intended to bring peace to the Wurup-Kaip area which had recently made news headlines for bloodshed and killings.
Costandi Bostoli, the leader of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Community of the Blue Mountains, handed over the statue to his PNG counterpart Joseph Tep, who visited friends there.
Tep, who is Catholic Charismatic Renewal coordinator for Mt Hagen Catholic Archdiocese, handed over the statue to parish priest Fr Michael Akel last Thursday, during the Feast Day of Mary, Mother of Jesus.
“I thank Bostoli and his community from Blue Mountain for this special gift which we believe will bring peace to our troubled community,” he said.
“Our parish priest, the church leaders and community leaders really appreciate this gesture of love and protection. It is our faith that Mary is the intercessor between the church and God.
“Now that Mother Mary is here, she will pray to her Son Jesus to bring peace to our community.”
Tep, also the catechist of Poga Catholic Church, said the parishioners and Fr Michael Akel shed tears when the statue of Mary Mother of Jesus arrived at the parish.
Fr Michael said he had differences with the church and community leaders but the arrival of the statue has made them reconcile and work hand in hand to move the church forward.
Tep said the church in Australia was saddened by the killings at Wurup and presented this gift to restore peace.

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