CCTV to help police monitor counting


COUNTING of votes in Eastern Highlands will be monitored by closed circuit television (CCTV), provincial police commander Superintendent Alex N’Drasal says.
He thanked the chief executive officer of Black Swan Security Services Brian Kelly for donating and establishing the security monitoring system for police to monitor counting and declarations.
“CCTV cameras and screens will be set up at all nine counting centres at the National Sports Institute, it will be linked to the main security control centre at the Goroka police station through the Global Positioning System (GPS),” N’Drasal said.
He said distribution of ballot papers at counting centres for Daulo, Goroka, Lufa, Unggai-Bena, Henganofi, Okapa, Kainantu, Obura-Wonenara and provincial seats would be monitored. “Black Swan has also installed GPS systems in all the police vehicles for easy communication and tracking,” he said.
“The control command centre will also monitor all police vehicles.”
N’Drasal said the service was vital because it would help police to respond quickly to election-related incidents during transfer of ballot papers, counting and declarations. He has set up an election security control and command centre at the Goroka police station.

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