Celebration not planned well


I AM disappointed with how celebrations were held at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium on Sunday for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation of 500 years ago in Germany by Martin Luther.
There are several things that had not been planned well by the organising committee.
The chairman church authorities at Lutheran headquarters at Ampo must be held accountable.
Firstly, the sound system was a big disgrace and unacceptable for this very special occasion.
One could not clearly hear what the preacher said through the microphone.
The sound was so low, with high bass, which prevented the audience from hearing the words coming out of the two old speakers.
Secondly, the organising committee should have instructed parish and congregation members to wear a specific uniform.
Colour adds flavour and significance to such a gathering.
Lastly, the flag poles at the stadium were not utilised.
It would have been more meaningful and inspiring if the Lutheran Church flags with Luther’s Rose were hung.
Lutheran Church is big and  we would have expected better preparations with due diligence.

Theo Kata
Diehard Lutheran

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