Cemetery used as market


THE National Capital District Commission is concerned about people using a cemetery as a market place.
Chief health surveyor Isowa More said he was shocked to see people selling goods at the Nine-Mile cemetery.
He said people living in nearby settlements had been using the cemetery to sell cold drinks, snacks, betel nut and cigarettes to people who came there for funerals.
“It started with just one or two people selling at the cemetery entrance,” he said.
“Now, you see them among the people attending the burials.
“Our security guards have had confrontations with them every time and they chase them out of the cemetery.”
More said some were using the cemetery to play various kinds of sports.
He said they trampled over the graves and sat on head stones.
Settlers living behind the cemetery have also been using the main entrance as their only point of entry and exit.
“Our problem is fencing.
“If we fence off the entire cemetery, then we wouldn’t have unnecessary people coming in,” More said.
“We are still waiting for the management to respond to our request for funding.”

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