Central needs to start moving forward


AFTER 100 years of contact with civilisation, the people of Central Province should be capable of accessing the progress in development.
They should know by now that our leaders of the past and present have not done enough to push our people to the forefront of economic development.
With the 2017 general elections, our people must look for leaders who have the calibre of such leaders as Powes Parkop and Justin Tkatchenko.
These two leaders have helped the people of Central by building a fish market and transit quarters at Koki.
Boroko Market was built and given to our leaders to manage but to date no action has been taken.
The same goes for the Central City development.
The Prime Minister gave some money but still no action.
The chicken farm bought at 17 mile is another example and the hospital at Kwikila has been given to a private hospital to run.
We seem to start up projects and run out of steam to complete them. We are In dire need of regrouping, refocusing our goals and aspirations and moving forward for the benefit of our people.

Central Madi, Via email

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