Central police to start Christmas operations


CHRISTMAS operations for Central police will start at the end of this month, says provincial police commander Andrew Tovere.
He told The National that police personnel from the headquarters in Port Moresby would be deployed to districts in the province to boost the manpower in their operations.
He said it was important that they started conducting road blocks on the highways to check on unlicensed drivers and public motor vehicles (PMVs) taking unauthorised routes, and the consumption of alcohol on vehicles.
“We will commence our pre-Christmas operations and even on Christmas Eve as well,” Tovere said.
“And law-breakers or those breaching traffic laws must be mindful because any unauthorised or unlicensed PMVs or unlicensed driver will be arrested and charged.
“Drivers or anyone found drinking on a vehicle must know that it is an offence and you will still be arrested and charged as well, and that includes homebrew.”
Tovere said police would be checking people buying beer in packs or cartons and if there is any found missing they would be removed from the vehicles.
“If your carton is secured it is okay because it will be taken to the village but if one bottle is found missing it will be removed, and the same goes to people carrying hard stuff (spirits) as well.”
Tovere appealed to the leaders in the communities in Central to help police in solving problems and not to leave the burden on police alone.
“Police will not always be there to assist, leaders must exercise their roles in the communities by setting up programmes to minimise law and order issues within their boundaries,” he said.

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