Central to set up women in fisheries


THE Central provincial administration will work with the provincial fisheries management and advisory committee to establish women in fisheries initiatives.
Acting deputy administrator Marina Faiteli told The National that women’s programmes were enacted by Parliament and it was time the concept was set up.
“Currently we have women in agriculture, women in business and the provincial women’s council. So why not women in fisheries?” she said.
“We have two women on the committee and we can also build on empowering women in gender equality.”
Committee women’s representative Catherine Vagi Kila said there was a lot to be done for women in fisheries.
“We want to push the women in fisheries initiative,” Kila said.
“Women in fisheries is lacking in Central and yet at the end of the day women maintain the quality of the fish to the market places.
“In my experience in other provinces especially in the New Guinea area, in Madang and Kimbe, they have this programme rolling.
“The National Fisheries College tutors train the women in the rural sector on basic bookkeeping and related programmes.
“Currently our fishermen are in the subsistence way of life.
“They catch and consume. They sell little to buy something to put on the table.
“This committee will protect the rights of the resource owners. We cannot continue to be spectators in our own land. It is about time we do something for our land.
“The foreigners were using our locals to get the licence and some foreign businesses have already expanded because they took advantage of locals.”

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