Centre to clarify confusion over food distribution


THE National Disaster Centre will find out why the Fly River government is unaware of a humanitarian food distribution exercise underway there.
Centre director Martin Mose (pictured) said it would be sad if people were not told about the assistance provided by the world’s largest humanitarian agency – the World Food Programme (WFP).
“Being in denial is not good because the World Food Programmehad to come to Papua New Guinea to assist people affected by the drought,” Mose said.
He was referring to comments made by the disaster coordinator for Western David Sonny that they were not aware of the food distribution exercise.
“If there was any exercise, we would be the first point of contact. WFP is working in isolation,” he said.
Mose could not confirm if communication had been established between the provincial administration and WFP.
“I would need to find out because I am not aware of WFP going into Western,” he said.
“I only know of WFP’s assistance to other provinces.
“I’m sure WFP is aware of PNG government protocols and processes and that they would abide by our laws and not overstep that.”
Mose said WFP’s assistance in Western was mainly in areas difficult to reach.

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