Centre launches new business scheme

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THE Entrepreneurial Development Training Centre Ltd is now called the Human Development Institution.
Centre founder Samuel Tam Sr said he was pleased to change the name.
Certificates were presented to its personal viability members, trainers, coaches and corporate sponsors.
The 20th anniversary also marked the launching of the personal viability (PV) business scheme and alumni expo.
Tam said the 35,000-plus PV alumni were responsible for the success of PV through word of mouth awareness, in villages, towns and cities.
“PV became a household name due to these students and also the media, including newspapers and magazines.” Tam said.
Some of the PV pioneers were behind the launching of the PV last Friday were Emmanuel Raussi and United Church moderator Rev Lowa Samson.
Tam also thanked PV supporters and helpers, including his wife and children for their support in the last 20 years.

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