Chairman: 2016 holds success story


HIDES Gas Development Company (HGDC) chairman Tuguyawini Libe Pirindali says 2016 holds a success story for the company and he is making sure that the company is driven by correct strategies.
He said the first part of this year had been challenging because the construction phase of the PNG LNG project had ended.
He said the company worked hard to improve its performance.
He said ExxonMobil proposed two companies to build capacity.
“They (Exxon) put to me two names of companies: One is Nana (Nana Development Corporation) and one is an Australian company working with the Aboriginal people,” he said.
He said HGDC chose Nana Development Corporation.
“The second half of the year was when we all worked together that turned things very well,” he said.
“We had to cut a lot of costs, make tough decisions. Some of them touched on people’s lives but we had to do what we did to serve the company.”
He said one of the decisions was to build on capacity which impressed Exxon.
Pirindali said the people were impressed with the partnership between NDC and HGDC.
“Our projections is that at the end of the year we should be able to realise some profits,” Pirindali said.

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