Challenge helps emergency response teams to improve skills


THE PNG Extractive Industries Emergency Response Challenge competition which startede in Madang on Monday provided an opportunity for resource projects to re-assess their emergency response capabilities.
The event also exposes the emergency response teams to new methods and equipment to improve their skills and knowledge.
PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum executive director Dr Albert Mellam said that while there was intensive competition among the teams, the event also demonstrated to the people and the Government the industry’s commitment to safe and secure work environments.
It also provided a platform for benchmarking against industry standards.
“Resource companies operating in PNG place a great deal of importance on safety,” Mellam said.
“The level of emphasis placed on making sure equipment and personnel are safe is second to none. As such, emergency response teams must be highly trained and fully equipped to respond to emergencies whether it be in a mine pit or in remote locations where exploration activities are conducted.”

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