Challenge to think like parents


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari has challenged heads of government departments and statutory bodies to “think and act like parents” in order to better serve the people.
Lupari issued this challenge last Friday during their fourth annual meeting at Igam Barracks in Lae.
Lupari, who opened the meeting, said: “I want each of us to come to work not thinking as first assistant secretary, director-general or chief secretary.
“You have to come to work as parents – as mothers and fathers. Think like mothers and fathers.
“You are only excused if you are a priest or a nun sitting here.
“If you have children who you have brought into this world, they are not here by default. As parents you have that responsibility.
“It (responsibility) doesn’t stop at home. You have a greater calling to create a better Papua New Guinea for all children.
“Your responsibility extends beyond that.”

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