Chamber raises concern over flight cancellations


THE Goroka Chamber of Commerce and Industry is concerned about flight cancellations to the province and the quality of the temporary runway.
Chamber president Sarah Shelley told The National that air services were vital to commerce in the province and arrangements on the runway had to be confirmed.
“The airline industry is an important contributor to economic development, (with) fast and easier movement of passengers and into Goroka,” she said.
“Roast coffee business houses and others including medical services may use PX cargo for fast shipment of goods. Couriers such as DHL and TNT not to mention passengers are now travelling to the next available airport to catch flights.
“A temporary runway was put in place for all planes as part of the upgrade of the Goroka airport.
“This was done to the specification of the NAC.
“Covec, the company who won the tender for the upgrade, carried out the work.”
She however questioned the status of the temporary runway. “Did the NAC give specifications for the job that were of a higher standard to take the traffic on the temporary runway?” she asked.

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