Champions Papaka ready to defend Hekari Central Cup


REIGNING champions Papaka are ready to defend their title when the Hekari Central Cup kicks off today.
Coach David Aua is wary of the strong rivalry from teams from the neighbouring Makerupu, Kaparoko, Keapara and Kalo villages in the Hood Lagoon area.
With invitation to teams open now, Aua is sure to get strong challenge from teams from Rigo Inland and Lower Sogeri.
Aua, who coaches Papaka FC in the National Premier League competition, said he would use this tournament to scout players for next season.
“My team is ready to defend the cup. I know everyone will be looking to get Papaka out of the race so they can have the chance to play in the finals,” Aua said.
Aua thanked Hekari United FC and John and Vonnie Kapi Natto for providing this opportunity for young men from Central.
Kamo Kini, president of Kalo Soccer Association, said his men had been training for the past six weeks for the Hekari Central Cup tournament.
With Kepo brothers, Ati and Kolu from Hekari United in the team, the Kalo are one of the favourites.
Other teams that are likely to spark the competition are Gemo from Rigo Coast, Kamali and Keleruina. Both Aua and Kini commended Hekari United for their sponsorship and Kapi Natto for his drive behind the competition.
He said the competition had unearthed talent that has been grabbed by NPL teams and National Soccer League clubs.
Hekari United has sponsored the event with K15,000 while the Kapi Natto’s donated K5000.

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