Chan plans to elevate secondary schools to colleges in NIP


NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan has handed over a vehicle to students and teachers of Konomatlik High School.
During a three-day visit to the islands this week, he told students and teachers that the plan was to upgrade all secondary schools in New Ireland to colleges. The best students will attend the New Ireland University.
He also opened a new classroom built by the people.
“I am impressed and delighted to see sheer hard work, effort and community oneness here at Katagan which has resulted in this new classroom for the children. A true demonstration of self-reliance and not having to wait on the Government to make it happen for you,” he said.
“It is very heartening to see children happy because you know you are doing something right. We cannot allow our children to have missed opportunities.”
Chan said the university would cater for the increase in students graduating from schools.
“Policies we have implemented have been a great success but these success come with their problems. We are a government always working to seek solutions, hence our vision is the creation of New Ireland University,” he said.
He also visited the islands of Tsoi, Konomatilik, Ungalik, Noipuas, Katangan, Ranmelek, Nusan, Salapiu, Nonovaul and Enuk.

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