Change attitude, bishop says


THE path to eternal life is long, hard and narrow and to reach God’s kingdom, change in attitude and faithfulness are needed.
Vanuatu’s Bishop John Bosco Baremes said this while celebrating mass recently at the St Martin De Porres in Morata, Port Moresby. He said it was time for everyone to obey the word of the Lord because faith would lead to redemption and salvation.
Bishop Baremes was in Port Moresby with other Catholic bishops from the Oceania region to attend the Federation of Catholic Bishops Conference of Oceania.
The bishops were accompanied by the Catholic Bishops Conference general secretary Father Victor Roche and were welcomed at the Morata St Martin De Porres Parish last Saturday.
Bishop Baremes led the evening service later chatted with members of the congregation.
St Martin De Porres priest Father Rozario said the congregation thanked the catholic bishops for accepting an invitation from the Morata Catholic church to celebrate mass together.
Bishop Baremes, originally from the Carteret Island of Bougainville, had served in Port Villa for more than five years and had not seen his home since he went to Vanuatu.
The Federation of Catholic Bishops Conference of Oceania will be attended by Archbishop John Ribat MSC, Bishop Robert McGuckin, Archbishop Vincent Long OFM, Bishop Charles Drennan, Bishop John Bosco Baremes and Archbishop Michel Calvet SM.
Gifts were presented to them.

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