Check English level of foreigners: Magistrate


A MAGISTRATE in Vanimo, West Sepik, has urged migration officers to properly check the level of English used by foreigners that wish to enter the country.
Vanimo District Court magistrate George Korei raised the concern after adjourning the case of Chinese men He Ling, 47, and He ling Hua, 38, to January 4, 2017, as their police files were not ready.
He said the duo who were accused of murdering a fellow citizen over love affair did not speak English.
Korei said so the court had to wait for their interpreter to complete their record of interview.
“As I know, it is a requirement that before any of our foreign embassies grant entry visas they are required to give an English test to the applicants,” he said.
Korei said he did not know how these two or many others like them got their visas.
“Maybe the migration office should take an interest in these persons and their employer in Vanimo or the Papua New Guinea embassy in China,” he said.
Korei said it could also be that they knew English or Tok Pisin but pretended not too.
The magistrate asked for an interpreter so the Chinese embassy in Port Moresby provided one to assist.
According to briefs, the accused appeared before the court for allegedly stabbing their victim to death on Oct 24 after suspecting him of having a relationship with He Ling’s daughter.
They are both from the Fujian province and employed as shop managers with Z B Limited in Vanimo.
Korei said they were charged with one count each of wilful murder and remanded at the Vanimo prison to appear in court on a later date.
It is alleged that the defendants had an argument with the deceased at Rongsong Trading and attacked him at about 11pm on Oct 24.

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