Chesire needs help to break disability barriers


THE Cheshire disAbility Services Papua New Guinea has called for more support from partners, including the government, to address the rights to social inclusion for people living with disabilities and other special needs.
The Chesire disAbility Services PNG launched the Chesire Strategic Plan 2016-2020 in Port Moresby on Friday.
The plan includes:

  • Support by partners to improve infrastructure and service delivery for inclusive education and early childhood care education for children and youth in resource, mainstream and technical vocational and educational training settings;
  • Improving infrastructure and service delivery for preventive and promoting healthcare elements to prevent disabilities, support for curative and rehabilitative health care components to enable early detection and treatment, management of various health
    conditions and disabilities already formed;
  •  Creating livelihood opportunities and trainings for youth, caregivers and parents through formal employment, business entrepreneurship support through income generating activities, trainings and scholarships;
  • Advancing the realisation and upholding of the rights of disabled people through guaranteed accessibility to information and physical environment, respect for their rights and their inclusion in mainstream development; and
  • Support by partners to ensure Chesire fully complies with due diligence practices through technical trainings, knowledge sharing and mentoring.

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