Child-sex crime horrors


IN a matter of weeks, there has been a string of child-sex crimes, or worse, murder and payback killing throughout the country.
Child-sex crimes involve a minor who does not have the capacity to consent, so where such crimes occur, it is presumed that there is no consent.
After reading the newspaper reports of child-sex crimes in the country, I realise that most occur while the child is out of the house – at school, river, field or garden with no adult supervision.
Parents and guardians have the obligation to take care of their children but unfortunately humans are not like other animals where you will feed them only and leave them alone; you will have the duty to take care of and assess their needs and the risks associated with their age, education, gender and social preferences.
I agree with judges and police officers who blame child-sex crimes on the parents and guardians because it is their duty to look after their children.

Mike H

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