Chimbu carries out post-election awareness


SIMBU government and police are carrying out post-election awareness to tell people to let go of politics and get back to their normal lives.
Provincial administrator Joe Kunda told The National yesterday that it was important for people to realise that life continued after the election.
“Election is an event that comes every five years,” he said.
“The day-to-day livelihood of every individual, family, tribe and clan is what that matters.
“We have to be mindful of basic services like roads and health services that we need to access, the need for our children to get educated and for smooth flow of goods and services.
“We are doing awareness mostly in Gumine and Kundiawa-Gembogl districts, where people have experienced election-related violence and intimidation.”
Kunda said the provincial government, through the provincial election steering committee,  had done its best to ensure a free, fair and transparent election was conducted.
“We are proud of our achievement compared to other provinces in the country in so far as a free, fair and transparent election is concerned,” he said.
“The few cases of fear and intimidation being imposed by a few people on others is something we are encouraging them to forgo, and get back to their normal way of living.”

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