Chimbu MPs vow to work together


CHIMBU Governor Michael Dua says the province has missed out on many opportunities because there is lack of teamwork among the MPs there.
Dua spoke at the swearing in of Kundiawa-Gembogle MP William Obnguglo by Speaker Job Pomat this week.
“That is the issue we have. Chimbu, as a province, has missed out on many opportunities because our provincial MPs, are seen to be working in isolation, Dua said
“But this time, going forward, we cannot afford to lose any more opportunities.
“We need to make up for those lost opportunities and that can only be possible with all of us, the six open MPs and myself, work openly and work together as one team.”
Dua said working as a team would ensure that the provincial and the district governments knew of the priorities.
“As a team, we can meet regularly and discuss openly the plans and the issues and the challenges we have,” he said.
“For national politics, whether we are in the Opposition or Government, that is something we deal with at the national level but at the provincial level, we are one solid team and that is Team Chimbu.
“If we, as MPs, can work openly and as one, the public servants and everyone will just fall in line.”
Dua said there were many outstanding issues that needed to be addressed and these would be announced when when provincial assembly members are sworn in today.
“I see we have many acting positions in the province and that needs to be addressed so that those who are in respective positions are given the stability to perform their functions. Our public service needs to be strengthened first and foremost,” he said.
“We have a vibrant and robust public service machinery and public servants, but I think we need to improve more and strengthened to be  effective and efficient.”

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