Chimbu on right path to growth


AS the Provincial Administrator of Chimbu Province and the person in charge of the government programmes and initiatives in Simbu Province, allow me to put in a picture and also correct Moli Kaupa from Gumine district for his letter, titled “SIP prone to corrupt practices” (The National, Sep 30).
Firstly, the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) does not rate the provinces in the country in their service delivery performances each year.
The Office of National Economic & Fiscal Commission (NEFC) does these ratings using sanctioned guidelines and service delivery indicators as well as other pointers like man power ceiling, the use of internal revenue, functional grants and servicing the basic maximum priority areas.
Secondly, it appears that Kaupa lacks the basic knowledge on the arrangements of funding for Service Improvement Program (SIP) funds by the National Government and expending of these appropriations by the province and District Development Authority.
All programmes of both the National and Provincial Governments come with detailed implementation guidelines and instruction manual for planning, monitoring and reporting.
Further, Chimbu has been rated the first in the country for the last five successive years by the NEFC. These ratings are done without fear or favour.
Kaupa should be proud of these achievements and commend the political leaders, the administration and the hardworking public servants for these remarkable accomplishments.
Developments do not occur over-night and we in Chimbu Province should be proud of the progress we have made.

Joe Kunda Naur
Kundiawa, Chimbu

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