Chocolate promo sees sweet success


THE locally-produced Queen Emma chocolates bars are now being sold in shops with promotions conducted in Port Moresby last week.
People had the opportunity to sample the chocolate in a three-day promotion from Thursday to Saturday last week.
City Pharmacy customer Timothy Teine said it was similar to international products.
“I honestly thought this was another international chocolate product but then the people giving out the chocolate said this was from Papua New Guinea. It was a pleasant surprise,” he said.
“There is no difference to other products which are here. So that means we must be of an international standard. It is much better buying something from your own countryman in rural Papua New Guinea.
“I think it is great that our people can produce something like this and can gain an international standing in chocolate like we are doing in rugby.”
Queen Emma promotional staff Geraldine Fae said the three-day promotion had a positive reaction from the public.
“Customers who buy two 35-gram bar of either dark or milk chocolate got two extra during the promotion. After tasting the sample, a lot of customers went to buy the products in Stop and Shop and City Pharmacy,” Fae said

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