Choose right leaders in 2017


THIS letter is to all the eligible voters in Papua New Guinea as we approach the 2017 general elections.
I would like to instill this message to the mindset of each and every one of us that we must not be persuaded by those intending candidates who put up false political platforms for us to vote for them.
I have seen that most of our leaders today use this to convince voters and when they are elected as MPs they conveniently forget their so-called strategies for development.
Such leaders are only power-hungry and we should not elect them because they will only care for themselves and forget about their ultimate objective, which was to serve the people.
I urge all voters not to be blindfolded and brainwashed with their sweet and empty promises.
Most of our leaders are good at talking but fail to walk their talk when they are elected to office.
The only appropriate channel to be taken to elect a leader is to look back into the past and see how our fore-bearers elected their leaders.
I don’t believe in leaders who claim to have leadership potential or qualities.
Leaders are born, not created. They are chosen first by God to lead other men.

Yal Sine, via email

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