Christmas appeal for youths


MY spiritual warfare team went into the hot spot area of Pindiu in the Finschaffen district, Morobe, in August and shared the holy gospel with the local youth.
These young and troublesome people laid down their guns and other weapons and requested bibles and music instruments.
We presented a written report with the request to our Lutheran head office at Ampo in Lae.
It is almost Christmas now.
We tried our best to raise funds to buy Bibles. We don’t want our youths in Pindiu to go back their old life of crime and violence.
I am therefore appealing to the public who want to donate a Bible or a guitar as Christmas gifts to those in need.
Please contact me at Martin Luther Seminary, PO Box 80, Lae or ph: 7023 4337 or email:[email protected]

NZ Kemung

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