Christmas arrived 2 Fast


HOMELESS children at Life Care Papua New Guinea at Gerehu received early Christmas gifts and items from a Good Samaritan company recently.
For the 30 kids who are cared for at the centre this was a treat that was beyond their wildest dreams.
The Good Samaritans came in the form of the management team of 2 Fast Motors Ltd who brought with them food, clothes, and other presents that they knew the children would delight in.
The invitation was even extended to 20 other children from the neighbourhood It was on a Sunday, a week before Christmas Day, that the managers of 2 Fast Motors decided to pay a goodwill visit to the “home away from home” for the majority of the young people living there. These are children whose parents or guardians, for some reason or other, have abandoned them on the streets of Port Moresby.
Of the 50 children who live at the center, 24 have been there for over 10 years and call the place home. Colin Pake, who runs Life Care PNG, and his family have become the family that these young children long for. They are treated no different to the Pake children. As with all other charity organisations, the centre operates on the goodwill of donor companies and agencies. Not only does Colin look forward to outside assistance, but the children do too.
Life Center and it’s liklik residents were blessed when the CEO of 2 Fast Motors, Billy Lin and his family decided to share the Christmas spirit and some time with them.
Billy, who has attained PNG citizenship, thanked the government and people of PNG for allowing him to run a business in the country.
He said the festive season is a time for caring and sharing so his wife Cherry and teheir children, Mark, Faith and Chebie and the management were happy to donate presents to each of the children. Food and clothes were also donated to the centre. “This is not my first time to support the centre as I have established common understanding and relationship with LCPNGC CEO, Paki who has taken on street kids or orphans and given them hopes and dreams in life.
“This is also my third visit to the centre with donations in kind to support them throughout the year.
Lin said 2 Fast Motors is proud to have started an association with the centre because it not only provides shelter for the children but takes care of their education as well.
He added that as long as his company operates, he will be aiding these unfortunate children.
He is already planning a car wash fund raiser in early 2017 to raise money for the children’s education.
His wife Cherry added that as Catholics they have the hearts for sharing, caring and loving unfortunate children who really need community support and their gesture is but small token of appreciation.
“As my husband is leading this aim to unfortunate children my daughters and son also support this with the full blessing of the management including, Kim Tan, Jimmy Lin, Jordan Huang and others in the Chinese community.
All their children were born in PNG and have grown up witnessing and embracing the work their parents do for communities.
“We are simple people and live with the locals at Waigani and also support the community there in our small way through God’s love and care.
Pake thanked 2 Fast Motors and acknowledged that Lin and his family and company management have been good friends of the centre for some time already.
“Most of the kids have come to realize the good he does for them and now call him by his first name, Billy.
“This donation we take with proud heart for someone who has kind heart for the unfortunate kids.
The China Friendship PNG entertained the kids with a Lion Dance. There was also break dancing performed by a group called the Southern Youngsters.

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