Chung: We beat odds to deliver World Cup


IT has been an incredible journey for Papua New Guinea hosting the Under-20 women’s soccer World Cup, PNG Football Association president David Chung says.
Chung, who is also the chairman of the local organising committee, said this at the Fifa/LOC banquet at the Stanely Hotel on Tuesday night.
Chung said the tournament was now midway through, with the top eight teams to battle for semi-final spots.
“Over the past week-and-a-half, we have witnessed a powerful display of skill, fighting spirit and fair play across the matches by many teams,” Chung said.
“Football fans in the stadiums and around the world have been delighted, heartbroken and held in suspense by these young women playing at the highest level of their age group.
“I take great pride in seeing the PNG people come out in force to support this tournament.
“When I see the crowd and the full stadium, I am reminded of the challenges we overcame to get to this point,” Chung said .
The PNGFA chief said when PNG bid (for the tournament) in Sept 2014, they fought an uphill battle against other bidders.
He said that even when the tournament was awarded to PNG in May last year, many believed that the country would not be able to host the event.
“But PNG is a nation of fighters and a nation of people with great pride in what they do.
“Although we have faced many obstacles and had to overcome many challenges, we are here and we have delivered.”

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