Church culture prepares children


CHURCH culture and tradition depend on the preparation of young people, a church worker says
Gege Renagi, the leader of a devotion group, told that to the crowd during the Gavuone Urban Fellowship thanksgiving at Boroko United Church.
He said the tradition of organising the event was a way of teaching the young people how the church operated and how it was like in the past.
“Such events like this bring in children and young people to enjoy the good life in the church,” he said.
“It is also for them to learn prophet songs (peroveta), gospel string band and dances from the senior members of the church as this is a tradition kept by members.”
Renagi said one of his greatest fear was the modern technology which drove many young people away from churches and from learning good things from their parents.
“There are a lot of new technologies coming up that is pulling young people away from their families and churches.” he said.
“It is sad to see that the culture of the church will soon fade away because of this modern technology.”
He urged members of the United Church and organiser of the event to continue to draw in young men and women into the church to keep them away from peer groups and illegal activities.

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