Church donates bibles to Kopkop College as part of mission


A church has donated Bibles to students in a school in Port Moresby as part of its mission to preach the gospel of Christ and assist students in making right choices.
The Faith Way Baptist Church of PNG has, apart from preaching the gospel of Christ, donated bibles to the Grade Nine and 12 students of the Kopkop College in Gerehu on Tuesday.
A pastor from the church, George Yarah said one of the church’s missions was to donate bibles to all schools in the country.
Yarah said the church’s goal was “to make sure every child, especially students from Grades nine to 12 as well as their teachers have a Bible”.
He said every student must know God’s word and hold it in their heart as it would help them make good decisions in their lives.
“Now with all the worldly influence and peer pressure happening around us, most students are influenced into making wrong decisions in their life and often get involved in these bad behaviours. If they read their Bibles and follow Gods word it will help them to make right choices in their life,” Yarah said.
He encouraged students to read and learn from the Bible and make it part of their learning like any other learning material.
“Distributing Bibles to schools is also one way of doing God’s work.”

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