Church hosts 25th Geyamsao conference


THE annual Yabem district Geyamsao conference was closed by Morobe Governor Kelly Naru last Sunday at Labuta LLG, Nawaeb, Morobe.
According to the organisers,14 circuits within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea’s (ELCPNG) Yabem district took part in the conference. More than 2000 women attended.
The event was hosted by the Buso congregation in Wagang parish, Laulu circuit.
The next conference will be hosted by Lae circuit next year.
ELCPNG Yabem districts women’s project coordinator Vivian Nawi said there were 30,000 women participating in the activities of Mama Geyamsao in the 14 circuits.
“We have done what we can to help our women but it is not enough so the executive council had to sit down and draw out ideas in helping the women,” Nawi said.
“It is not only sharing the word of God but involving in small projects that sustain and support Geyamsao.”
She said the executives have focused on four areas which are health, education, family life and wealth creation to assist the women.
She said they would be extending the mission work of ELCPNG Yabem district to Kaintiba, Wantoat, Menyamya and Aseki.
Naru told the participants that despite the rain and a river to cross, it was their faith that brought them over to attend the meeting.
He said proposals for assistance from mothers in the congregations, parish, and circuit must be endorsed by ELCPNG Yabem women’s office.
“We are receiving assistance from the MPG Christian Churches Partnership Programme funds through short cuts,” he said.
“We need to create an administrative process to attend to requests from the mothers, youths, and the churches in the district to follow.”
He encouraged the participants and everyone at the closing to venture into coffee, cocoa, taro and fish farming and other small businesses to support their families and the work of God.

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