Church urged to listen to God’s call


DISTRICT superintendent of the New Zealand Nazarene Church Dr Neville Bartle has urged fellow members in Jiwaka and PNG to listen to God’s call in their lives.
Bartle and his wife Joyce worked at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital for a long time when it was established in 1967 and also married at Kudjip.
He was a laboratory blood specialist and his wife a missionary nurse who tutored the first graduates of the nursing college.
Bartle was the guest speaker at the third night of the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital’s 50th anniversary celebrations, which started last Monday.
In his messages, he touched on the call of God on one’s life and how one can receive the message clearly.
“You’ve got to leave everything including your life to God and let God take control over you, only then you would know what plan God has for you,” Bartle stated.
“What would you give back to God for giving Jesus who died on the cross for your sins?
“Now, God is asking you. What will you give back to me because I have given you my only Son?”
He said in PNG people have the “payback” culture or “give and take”.
Bartle emphasised that the same must be done to God who gave Jesus to the world.
“God gave us Jesus so we must give ourselves to God.”

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