Church wants sponsors for prison ministry


THE Catholic Prison Ministry in Bomana, Port Moresby is reaching out to sponsors and organisations to support it in rehabilitating inmates.
The ministry on Wednesday received a timely donation of two bales of second-hand clothing from Pagini Clothing Limited located at Badili.
Joe Waine, a layman who assists the prison ministry as a liaison officer, said the inmates needed both spiritual and material assistance in other to change their lives.
He said the initiative they had taken was to get organisations to support the work of prisoners and churches in the prison.
“We have taken the initiative to link up sponsors from outside to support the inmates because we see the real need in them,” Waine said.
“If we put spiritual input we also need to give some provisions or provide some clothing or instruments so that it can support the work in prison.
“It can lift their morale, make them feel accepted and realise how useful they are and become law -abiding citizens when they return to the community.”
Sergeant Cyprian Wunum said assistance from outside the prison lighten the work of the wardens.
“When we are working with organisations outside like Pagini Clothing, this is one of the things that helps instil discipline to prisoners,” Wunum said.
“We need to provide spiritual and physical needs to prisoners so that when they come out into the communities they will realise that what they a have done was wrong.”

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