Churches perform vital role in children attitudes: Basil


CHRISTIAN principles and values taught to children in churches are essential qualities to producing good citizens and leaders in the community, Deputy Opposition Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil says.
He said this when addressing children at a Sunday school conference in the Middle Watut area of the Mumeng LLG in Bulolo, Morobe, last Thursday. Basil said churches performed an important role in coaching children to be good citizens in the country by bestowing Christian principles that were essential in shaping good characters.
“A person is known by the kind of character and attitudes he is known for and good citizens and leaders are made by practising what is good,” he said.
“Developing children with good Christian principles helps in building up children’s characters at an early age to become the future, our next generation.
“I want to remind you children that decision making is a tough position in the role of becoming leaders where you have to make decisions without bad influences and requires a lot of sacrifices.
“Honesty in what you do is the key that will multiply the blessings you receive that make it sufficient to sustain your livelihoods.
“You should not steal from your parents or anyone because that will shape the kind of person you will be in future.
“The road to success is difficult because it requires doing what is right and good.”

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