Churches urged to work with Sir John


THE chairman of the PNG Council of Churches Bishop Denny Bray Guka has called on churches to work together with the newly-appointed cardinal of the Catholic Church Sir John Ribat.
Guka told The National that the council valued Sir John’s appointment as a Cardinal.
“It’s important for this country,” Guka said.
“It’s important not just to the Catholic Church but the churches in PNG.
“We call on the church leaders of Christian denominations to promote peace and justice, and to work with Cardinal Sir John Ribat.”
Guka said Sir John was the church council’s deputy chairman.
“He has demonstrated a humble compassion and the desire to see that political decisions are made for the common good of the people,” Guka said.
“He is committed to the wellbeing of the nation and has the desire for the churches to promote peace, justice and good order.”
Guka, also the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby, congratulated Sir John on behalf of Anglicans in the city.
“We pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon his new role,” Guka said.
Anglican Church of PNG Archbishop Clyde Igara also conveyed his congratulations.

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